“Hotel guests are not real travelers” – “Are they?” Accommodation stereotypes

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The concept of hotels is pretty great actually. You get to stay at a place where you don’t need to do anything: Someone cleans your room, someone cooks your food, someone might even plan your tours for you. All you have to do is enjoy your time there, take a swim in the pool, sip a cocktail at the bar. No need for grocery shopping, cooking, or doing dishes. Sounds great, doesn’t it? So why is it that hotels have gained such a bad reputation lately? Especially all-inclusive-resorts are frowned upon. If you stay there, you’re called a tourist, not a traveler, and considered tacky. A “real” adventurer is someone who stays at a hostel where cockroaches are not the only roommates, someone who can show off scars and survived illnesses. If you’re staying at a hotel, you’re not the “real deal”.

I say: stop that!

What the hell is wrong with people staying in nice hotels? Yes, I know what comes to your mind when you hear “all inclusive”… probably narrow-minded, sunburnt people wearing socks with sandals and cameras around their neck, people who only eat what they eat every day at home and spend their whole day sunbathing by the pool instead of exploring the country. I also think they’re stupid, just because they’re missing out on so much. But you cannot categorize people by their choice of accommodation. I personally love to spend my vacations on a little sailboat in a very confined area with people I’ve never met before and I also like to be in a hostel and make new friends while having breakfast in the community room. But every now and then, I still like to stay at a nice hotel. So which type of traveler am I? Probably it’s more about the type of trip than the type of accommodation. Are you on vacation? Or do you wanna go explore as much as possible?
The main goal of a vacation is to get out of your daily routine and to relax. For some people, relaxing means exploring a country, for others it means relaxing by the pool. So who says you cannot come back to a nice hotel after a day full of adventures?

Funnily, it is mostly hostel guests who tend to speak bad about hotel guests without taking into consideration what type of stay those people are having. The inconveniences of their stays are often subject of their many stories, which are not rarely told to make them look super adventurous:

“One time my purse was stolen.“
“One time I had terrible diarrhea and I was staying in an 8-bed hostel room.“
“One time I got in the middle of a group of drunk people fighting.“

Sounds familiar?

Those people want to be perceived as open-minded and experienced as possible, yet it’s often them who confirm the stereotypes. Obviously they are not open-minded enough to think of the fact that also adventurers who climb mountains and swim with sharks might want to fall into a comfortable hotel bed at the end of the day where no sounds of snoring or love-making roommates will disturb them.

Another question at this point: is it really so despicable to enjoy the hotel pool every once in a while?
Let’s face it: Sometimes you just DESERVE to do nothing. If you have a job that involves a lot of standing or walking, you might want to chill during your holidays. If you are sitting in front of a computer most of the time, you might feel the urge to be active. It’s that simple.
I think that someone who works their ass off in their job, cooks, cleans and does all the domestic work deserves to be pampered during their holidays. Think of nurses or teachers. Don’t you think that after hours and hours and hours of running around the place, talking all the time and never having a quiet moment, sharing a room at a hostel would be a nightmare?
Think of a full-time mom cleaning and cooking all day every day. Do you really think she wants to do the exact same thing during the most precious time of the year?


So here’s what I want to tell everyone who feels like exploring the world but cringes at the thought of hostels: Don’t feel bad about yourself just because you like it comfortable! You effin deserve it and your choice of accommodation does not make you better or worse than anyone else.

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