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When I’m traveling, my hair is usually like my stories – salty

Hi there and welcome! I’m Dorothee and I’m super stoked that you’re visiting my blog. Traveling is my passion and I want to share that passion and my experiences with you. As I’ve spent a semester abroad in the US and did two internships on Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands, you won’t only find “typical” travel stories here, but also stories about what it’s like to live in a foreign place for a while.
If you’re wondering who the heck is writing all of this, just keep reading 🙂

I am 28 years old and live in Bonn – Germany’s former capital, located in the beautiful Rhineland. I am a wandering hippie, currently trapped in the body of a marketing manager. I love to travel whenever possible, discover new places, people, cultures – and their food. When I’m traveling, I try to be as close to water as possible, which is why I spend a lot of time sailing. Also, I try to eat only local food while I’m abroad. When I’m home and dreaming about the next trip, the kitchen is my happy place. This is where I unwind, get creative and try to bring back the spirit of places I’ve been to. Also, I love to explore the surroundings of my cosy hometown, mostly by hiking with my best friends.

Why “Salty” stories?
I love the sea, the beach and water sports more than anything. Put me on a boat and I’m happy – even when it’s stormy. So it’s only logical that most of the stories I’m sharing here are somehow related to the ocean… and sometimes, my second passion, food, will find its way into the stories as well. Salt is a major component of both of them. That’s why my stories always have a little taste of (sea)salt.

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